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About the Institute

Our Vision:

A day when methods based on humane human-specific responses will be used by industry and regulatory agencies to determine the safety and efficacy of substances. This vision fuels the passion we have for our organization, driving us to provide innovative solutions for industry and regulatory agencies.

Our Mission:

To increase the use and acceptance of non-animal testing worldwide.

About IIVS:

Internationally recognized as a leader in the in vitro testing (alternatives to animal testing) field, IIVS couples rigorous scientific and compliance programs with education and outreach initiatives to promote the use and acceptance of these methods worldwide. IIVS is proud to be supported by our generous contributors whose principles and objectives align with ours. Their support is fundamental to the success of our Educational and Outreach programs.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about in vitro testing and contact us with any questions or comments. There are several ways to stay connected with in vitro toxicology news such as our complimentary webinar program, e-newsletter or social media channels.